Comp. Lit. 208
Fall 1987
Barbara Johnson


Sept. 21 Introduction
Sept. 28 Ovid, Metamorphoses* and Guillaume de Lorris, Romance of the Rose*
Oct. 5 Freud, "On Narcissism: An Introduction," in General Psychological Theory^,
Kofman, "Narcissistic Woman," in The Enigma of Woman#
Green, "Preface," in Narcissisme de vie, narcissisme de mort#
Oct. 12 Holiday: no class. Start reading Lacan.
Oct. 19 Lacan, "Le stade du miroir," "L'agressivite en psychanalyse," "La signification du phallus," "L'instance de la lettre dans l'inconscient," in Ecrits $
Oct. 26 Mallarme, "Herodiade"*
Valery, "Narcisse parle"*
"Fragments du Narcisse"*
"La Jeune Parque"*
"Le philosophe et 'La Jeune Parque'"
Nov. 2 Gide, "Le traite du Narcisse"*
Nov. 9 Kohut, The Analysis of the Self^
Nov. 16 Kleist, "Uber das Marionettentheater"*
Kohut, The Search for the Self (follow index)#
De Man, "Aesthetic Formalisation" in The Rhetoric of Romanticism#
Ray, "Suspended in the Mirror,"# (Studies in Romanticism)
Nov. 23 Larsen, Quicksand^
Nov. 30 Larsen, Passing^
Dec. 7-14 Gautier, Madamoiselle de Maupin $


* = distributed in Xerox form
^ = ordered at the Coop
# = on reserve in Lamont
$ = ordered at Schoenhoff's

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