Harvard University
Department of East Asian
Languages and Civilizations
Tu Wei-ming

Chinese History 260: Taoism (Conference Course)

Orientation: An exploration of the formation, transformation, and implications of the Taoist (Daoist) tradition in China. Although the emphasis of the course is "philosophical" interpretation, attention will be given to the religious and spiritual dimensions of Taoism (Daoism). Indeed, a main concern of the course is to develop an approach, a method, an attitude, or a world view that is most appropriate for the academic study of Taoism.

February 4:   A Discourse on the Way
  11: Lao Tzu (Laozi) as a Strategist
  18: Chuang Tzu's (Zhuangzi) Philosophy of Spontaneity
  25: Taoist (Daoist) Syncretism
March 4: Huang-Lao as an Art of Governance
  11: "Profound Learning"
  18: Probing the "Esoteric Teaching"
  25: Taoism (Daoism) as a Religious Phenomenon
April 8: Taoism and Chan (Zen)
  15: Taoist Aesthetics
  22: "Embodied Thinking" in the Taoist Perspective
  29: Implications

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